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Founded by three sisters with a passion for pan-Asian food, our restaurant menu is inspired by our mum's home cooking.

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535 Great Western Road
Glasgow G12 8HN

Opening hours

Tuesday-Sunday 12.30pm-10pm
(last orders 30 minutes before closing)

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Last orders are 30 minutes before closing. 10% service charge applicable to parties of 6 or more. If you have any food allergies or intolerances, just ask before ordering and we'll be happy to help you select your dishes. Note we cannot guarantee that all dishes are free from traces of nuts.

wee plates of joy

Enjoy as a starter or create your own oriental ‘tapas–style’ feast with 2-3 wee plates and a side dish

Dai Ha Tempura

Dai Ha Tempura Popular! 大虾天妇罗


Lightly battered prawns • tempura dipping sauce

Saw Choi Tempura

Saw Choi Tempura Vegan 什菜天妇罗


Lightly battered aubergine • sweet potato • mushroom • asparagus • tempura dipping sauce

Salt & Chilli Chicken

Salt & Chilli Chicken Wheat & Gluten Free Popular! 椒盐鸡肉


Crispy chicken pieces • mixed peppers • salt + fresh chilli seasoning

Ming Har Kwok

Ming Har Kwok 明虾角


Crispy prawn dumplings • sweet chilli dipping sauce


Warteeps 锅贴


Soft dumplings of pork, prawn + mushroom

Saw Choi Warteeps

Saw Choi Warteeps Vegan 蔬菜锅贴


Crispy veggie dumplings

Teriyaki Beef

Teriyaki Beef Popular! 烧牛肉


Grilled marinated sirloin beef + teriyaki sauce

Ap Soong

Ap Soong 鸭鬆


Duck • crispy vermicelli noodles + iceberg lettuce

Japanese Fries

Japanese Fries Vegan Wheat & Gluten Free Popular! 日式薯条


Fries • spicy chilli + garlic seasoning

Sweet Chilli Broccoli

Sweet Chilli Broccoli Vegan 甜辣西兰花


Battered broccoli florets • sweet + spicy sauce

Edamame Beans with Sea Salt

Edamame Beans with Sea Salt Vegan Wheat & Gluten Free 毛豆


Blanched soya beans + sea salt

Thai Prawn Crackers

Thai Prawn Crackers 泰式虾片


Spicy crackers

Japanese Miso*

Japanese Miso* Vegan 味噌汤


Soya bean broth • wakame • tofu
*Contains nuts

Skewered Chicken*

Skewered Chicken* 串雞


Chicken + satay dip
*Contains nuts


Karaage 炸雞肉


Crispy fried off the bone chicken + sriracha mayo dip


Wontons 雲吞


Soft prawn dumplings + light soya broth coating

Tori Kimchi Maki*

Tori Kimchi Maki* 托丽泡菜


Chicken + spicy kimchi sauce rolled in sushi rice + seaweed • crispy light batter + spring onion
*Available for a limited time only


new wee plates of joy!

Wishing you a festive season full of joy, and of wee plates!

Tori Tempura

Tori Tempura New! 天妇罗鸡


Lightly battered strips of chicken + tempura dipping sauce

Fire Cracker Squid

Fire Cracker Squid Wheat & Gluten Free New! 爆竹魷魚


Crispy squid pieces • spicy chilli seasoning + sriracha mayo dip

Haggis Spring Rolls

Haggis Spring Rolls New! 哈吉斯春卷


Haggis meat + tattie rolled in pastry + katsu curry dip

Royal Prawns

Royal Prawns Wheat & Gluten Free New! 皇家虾


Crispy prawns • creamy golden mayo with a sweet & spicy kick + crispy vermicelli noodles

ultimate broth noodles

Our home-made broths are made using authentic ingredients and served with fresh noodles. Delicious hearty meals full of goodness

Tom Yum Udon*

Tom Yum Udon*

冬阴汤鸡乌冬 Chicken 13.5

冬阴汤牛乌冬 Sirloin Beef 14.5

冬阴汤虾乌冬 King Prawn 14.5

Thick udon noodles in a spicy tangy lemongrass + lime broth • straw mushrooms • mangetout • baby corn • halved boiled egg

*Gluten-free option upon request

Katsu Ramen**

Katsu Ramen**

沙嗲汤鸡面 Chicken Katsu 14

沙嗲汤虾面 King Prawn Katsu 15

Thin ramen noodles in a spicy peanut satay broth • green beans • Japanese fishcake • beansprouts • halved boiled egg

*Gluten-free option upon request
*Contains nuts

Goma Miso Ramen**

Goma Miso Ramen**

面鼓拉面鸡 Chicken 13.5
面鼓拉面牛肉面 Sirloin Beef 14.5
面鼓拉面面大虾 King Prawn 14.5
面鼓拉面豆腐 Tofu 13.5 Vegan

Thin ramen noodles in a sesame miso broth + wakame seaweed • babycorn • Japanese fishcake • halved boiled egg

*Vegan option upon request
*Contains nuts

rice mains

Whether it’s boiled or fried rice, these dishes are very tasty and enough to satisfy the biggest appetite!

Katsu Ga Lay Fan

Katsu Ga Lay Fan Popular!

咖喱鸡饭 Chicken Katsu 13
咖喱大虾饭 King Prawn Katsu 14
咖喱什菜饭 Veggie Katsu 13 Vegan

Mild Japanese curry sauce • steamed sticky white rice

Sweet Chilli*

Sweet Chilli* Popular!

甜辣鸡饭 Chicken 13.5

甜辣大虾饭 King Prawn 14.5

Sticky sweet spicy sauce • steamed sticky white rice • mixed peppers • onions

*Gluten-free option upon request


Teppanyaki Popular!

铁板鸡饭 Chicken 15.4

铁板牛饭 Sirloin Beef 16.4

铁板大虾饭 King Prawn 16.4

Hot sizzling plate • mixed peppers • onions • mushrooms with a sweet & savoury teriyaki sauce + garlic egg fried rice

Chow Fan*

Chow Fan*

鸡炒饭 Chicken 13.5

牛肉炒饭 Sirloin Beef 14.5

大虾炒饭 King Prawn 14.5

什菜炒饭 Tofu 13.5

Egg fried rice • fresh chilli • spring onion • carrot • mixed peppers

*Gluten-free option upon request

Five Spice King Prawn

Five Spice King Prawn 五香料大虾


Garlic egg fried rice • fresh chillies • mixed peppers + Chinese five spices

Tom Yum Fried Rice

Tom Yum Fried Rice

冬蔭炒飯鸡 Chicken 13.5
冬蔭炒飯大虾 King Prawn 14.5

Egg fried rice • spring onions • mixed peppers • mangetout • lemon • wok fried in spicy, tangy tom yum

Laksa Curry

Laksa Curry

叻沙咖喱鸡 Chicken 14
叻沙咖喱牛肉 Sirloin Beef 15
叻沙咖喱大虾 King Prawn 15

Spicy fragrant mix of Malay spices • aubergine • mixed peppers • onions + steamed sticky white rice

wok fried noodles

Our chefs wok fry fresh noodles with oriental flavours to create simply delicious dishes

Classic Udon*

Classic Udon* Popular!

鸡炒乌冬 Chicken 13.5

牛炒乌冬 Sirloin Beef 14

大虾炒乌冬 King Prawn 14

豆腐炒乌冬 Tofu 13 Vegan

Thick white noodles • beansprouts • mixed peppers • carrot • fresh chilli • onions • wok fried in Kikkoman soy

*Gluten-free option upon request

Black Bean Ramen

Black Bean Ramen

鸡豉汁炒拉面 Chicken 13.5

牛豉汁炒拉面 Sirloin Beef 14.5

大虾豉汁炒拉面 King Prawn 14.5

豆腐豉汁炒拉面 Tofu 13.5 Vegan

Thin ramen noodles • onion • mixed peppers • fresh chilli • wok fried in a black bean + garlic sauce

Thai Red Curry Ramen

Thai Red Curry Ramen Popular!

泰咖喱炒鸡拉面 Chicken 13.5

泰咖喱炒牛拉面 Sirloin Beef 14.5

泰咖喱炒虾拉面 King Prawn 14.5

Thin ramen noodles • long beans • baby corn • beansprouts • straw mushrooms wok fried in a red curry with coconut milk + lemongrass

Sambal Ramen

Sambal Ramen

鸡 拉面 Chicken 13.5
生包大蝦拉面 King Prawn 14.5

Thin ramen noodles • onion • bean sprouts • shredded egg • mixed peppers • mangetout • wok fried in a Malay fiery shrimp paste

kids meals (under 12's)

We have three options for your wee ones! Each includes a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Wee Wu Chicken

Wee Wu Chicken 儿童餐-鸡丝炒饭


Chicken • sweetcorn + egg fried rice

Wee Wu Crispy

Wee Wu Crispy 儿童餐-炸鸡饭


Crispy chicken in crispy panko breadcrumb + sticky white rice

Wee Wu Noodles

Wee Wu Noodles 儿童餐-鸡炒面


Chicken • thin ramen noodles


Extra portions of rice, noodles, curry sauce and dips

Japanese Boiled Rice

Japanese Boiled Rice Vegan Wheat & Gluten Free 白飯


Egg Fried Rice

Egg Fried Rice 蛋炒饭


Garlic & Egg Fried Rice

Garlic & Egg Fried Rice 大蒜鸡蛋炒饭


Ramen Noodles

Ramen Noodles Vegan 拉面


Beansprouts • onion • spring onion

Udon Noodles

Udon Noodles Vegan 乌冬面


Beansprouts • onion • spring onion

Japanese Curry Sauce

Sweet Chilli
Sirracha Mayo
Chilli Oil

dreamy desserts

Finish your meal with something sweet and delicious

Hot Chocolate Rolls*

Hot Chocolate Rolls* 朱古力卷


Nutella chocolate wrapped in pastry served with coconut + chocolate chip ice cream

*Contains nuts

Ice Cream (2 scoops)

Ice Cream (2 scoops)

冰淇淋绿茶味 Japanese Green Tea 5.2
雪糕黑芝麻味 Black Sesame 5.2
冰淇淋双奶油香草 Double Cream Vanilla 4.5
冰淇淋椰子和巧克力片的味道 Coconut & Chocolate Chip 4.5



草莓年糕 Strawberry 4.5
香草年糕 Vanilla 4.5
巧克力年糕 Chocolate 4.5

Two frozen Japanese desserts made of sticky glutinous rice

Coco Banana*

Coco Banana* 可可香蕉


Crispy banana coated with coconut and breadcrumb + golden syrup + vanilla ice cream

*Gluten-free option upon request

China Blue Ramune Float

China Blue Ramune Float New! 中国蓝色拉面花车


Vanilla ice cream with Blue Curacao and an original Japanese marble Ramune to create your own magic meringue soda

Berry Pink Ramune Float New! 浆果粉红拉面花车


Vanilla ice cream with Raspberry syrup and a strawberry Japanese marble Ramune to create your own magic meringue soda

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